Kitchener Community School is home to the following programs:

Kitchener offers full-time Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, eight classrooms grades 1-8, Functional Transitions Classroom (FTC), and 2 fulltime Learning Resource Teachers. We offer an array of supports and programs offered in all Regina Public Schools: Learning Resource, Speech and Language, School Counselor services, and Psychologist support. The school has a full time Community Coordinator and two Community Teacher Associates: one who supports PreK and one who supports the students, teachers, and families; as well as a fulltime Nutrition Coordinator who plans and prepares a daily snack and lunch, which is offered to students. 


Elders in Residence:

Elder Diane is at the school once a week. On Wednesdays, one would see Elder Diane teaching in the classroom, working with small groups of students, and guiding individuals.


Dream Broker:

Our Dream Broker works in close partnership with staff, students, families and engages students in after school weekend and summer programming. This program helps to eliminate barriers that may otherwise keep families from participating in community programming. 


Indigenous Advocate:

Mrs. Madiratta works on building relationships with Indigenous parents and families through cultural and academic engagement. She has a strong focus on attendance and also spends a portion of her days in the classroom working with students.