Introducing our New Dream Broker - Janelle Rondeau

Hi Everyone!

I am the new Dream broker at Kitchener school. My name is Janelle and I’m looking forward to getting to know the staff and students at Kitchener school! Please feel free to stop by my office to introduce yourself and chat. I thought I would let you know some facts about me. I recently moved to Regina on October 1st from Yorkton. I was a Dream Broker there as well and I was working with 4 different schools. I have lived here in Regina before and I am so excited to be back! My favorite street in Regina is 13th ave because they have all those unique shops. Some of my favorite activities are swimming, skating, painting, singing along to my favorite songs, biking, softball and of course trying out new activities with my family! I think that it is important to have fun! I am looking forward to this school year. It Looks like a pretty bright future to me!